Advisory Services

Advisory Services

The two Partners of BCA have a combined 60 years of direct, practical, hands-on experience in building successful businesses from the ground up. We have a very good understanding of both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for high growth, early stage companies and we can show you the scars to prove it!

We strive to guarantee that at all times we will deliver wholly objective, unvarnished, practical and measurable advice, both to foresee and remove roadblocks and to accelerate your growth strategy.

BCA’s advisory mandates are generally based upon a 3 month initial term during which we work with our clients on pre-agreed tasks. A GANTT chart with objectives and deliverables is agreed at the start of the term and we hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings with clients to monitor progress, together with the production of weekly status reports.


Below we lay out the six core areas that we focus on:

1. Path to enterprise value
  • Diagnosis of fast executable strategies to deliver exponential increases in enterprise value, with the aim of founders and investors exiting within 5 years at the highest price possible, and with limited lock-in for management
  • Analysis of key drivers and levers to accelerate growth with a plan to exploit these drivers and to apply BCA’s significant experience in this field
  • Scalability management. We believe that our clients will require high-end support to move the business from where it is today to where it plans to be in 3 years
2. Business development and financial support
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Stakeholder introductions/strategic
  • Global expansion (Asian/US network)
  • Strategic support in key areas such as advanced and overseas accounting, tax and balance sheet optimization
  • General – eyes and ears in the market place, special projects and a shoulder to lean on!
3. Capital advisory
  • Balance sheet optimization – ongoing
  • Debt re-financing as already discussed
  • Future equity financing if necessary
  • M&A advisory, including identification of Partnerships for Scale, possible buy out targets and assistance in negotiation
  • Exit & liquidity planning, including preparation for sale (at the right time), documentation, buyer search, long and short list generation, negotiation with Trade & Financial investors
4. Marketing/Public Relations/Investor Relations
  • Marketing planning & management using BCA’s extensive network in digital media to apply levers which will results in USP’s
  • Introductions to Ad/Media agencies
  • Shareholder communications
5. Executive recruitment/Board development
  • Develop charter/mission for board/advisory board
  • Maximise effectiveness of board/advisory board
  • Recruit executive & NED roles
  • Recruit for Asian & US expansion
  • Succession planning, including managing the fine balance between not having the business overly reliant on you as the Founder whilst also keeping you fully motivated in the future!
6. Wealth Management
  • Introductions to vetted professional wealth managers
  • Wealth planning
  • Asset protection
  • Liquidity event planning
  • Retirement planning